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1.  Psychotherapy for the Rape Victim - Some Treatment Models
NCJ Number   75574
Author: H I Evans
Journal Journal of the American Psychiatric Association  Volume29  Issue5  Dated(May 1978)  Pages309-312
Publication Date: 1978
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2.  OVC Handbook for Coping After Terrorism: A Guide to Healing and Recovery
NCJ Number   190249
Publication Date: September 2001
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3.  Gender Roles and Grief Cycles: Observations on Models of Grief and Coping in Homicide Cases
NCJ Number   202268
Author: J. Scott Kenney
Journal International Review of Victimology  Volume10  Issue1  Dated2003  Pages19-47
Publication Date: 2003
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4.  Homicide Bereavement: A Family Affair
NCJ Number   211490
Author: M. Regina Asaro; Paul T. Clements
Journal Forensic Nursing  Volume1  Issue3  DatedFall 2005  Pages101-105,128
Publication Date: 2005
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5.  Responding to Workplace Terrorism: Applying Military Models of Behavioral Health and Public Health Response
NCJ Number   219777
Author: David M. Benedek; Robert J. Ursano; Carol S. Fullerton; Nancy T. Vineburgh; Robert K. Gifford
Journal Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health  Volume21  Issue3/4  Dated2006  Pages21-33
Publication Date: 2006
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6.  A Guide to the Role of Crime Victims in Mental Health Courts
NCJ Number   223344
Author: Hope Glassberg; Elizabeth Dodd
Publication Date: 2008
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7.  Responding to People Who Have Been Victimized by Individuals with Mental Illnesses
NCJ Number   223345
Author: Monica Anzaldi Ward; Hope Glassberg
Publication Date: 2008
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