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Considerations for Implementing Enhanced Sentencing Authority (Webinar)
December 18, 2013
National Judicial College
City: 3:00-4:30 p.m. ET
Country: Satellite/Web Based
Event Site: Online
This webinar will enable tribes (tribal leaders/tribal professionals/tribal attorneys) to evaluate the pros and cons of implementation of various aspects of the Tribal Law and Order Act (TLOA), including enhanced sentencing. The analysis will include a method to determine the pros and cons for each particular tribe; what general considerations the tribe may take into account including which crimes to pursue enhanced sentencing for; what, if any, additional costs the tribe may encounter and how to limit those additional costs; what portions of TLOA the tribe may wish to take advantage of if it chooses to implement enhanced sentencing; and/or other aspects of TLOA that may affect the tribe. After this webinar, tribes will be able to:
-Determine what specific crimes the tribe would most likely seek to use enhanced sentencing for;
-Discover how to limit the cost of implementing enhanced sentencing;
-Discuss other considerations the tribe should look at when seeking to implement enhanced sentencing; and
-Discuss how to evaluate the pros and cons of implementation for their own tribe.
Event URL:
Name: Joseph Sawyer
Affiliation: National Judicial College
Phone: (800) 25-JUDGE

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