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Pacific Islands
Paint analysis
Palestine Liberation Army
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
Paper analysis
Papua New Guinea
Paralegal training
Parallel civil and criminal proceedings
Paraprofessional personnel
Paraprofessional training
Pardons board
Parens patriae
Parent and child education
Parent education
Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
Parent-child acculturation
Parent-Child Relations
Parentage determination
Parental Abduction/Kidnapping
Parental attitudes
Parental influence
Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act
Parental liability
Parental rights
Parental visitation rights
Parents Anonymous
Pareto test
Park police
Parole board
Parole board discretion
Parole casework
Parole conditions
Parole effectiveness
Parole eligibility
Parole hearing
Parole investigations
Parole opposition programs
Parole outcome prediction
Parole statistics
Parole supervision
Parole violations
Parolee attitudes
Parolees rights
Part-time personnel
Participant identification
Participatory juvenile justice
Participatory management
Passport offenses
Patrol procedures
Patrol Training
Patrol unit status
Patrol units
Patuxent Institution
PAVNET (Partnerships Against Violence Network)
Pay rates
PCP (phencyclidine hydrochloride)
Peace Corps
Peer assessment
Peer counseling
Peer influences on behavior
Penalty assessment programs
Penalty severity rating
Pension fund fraud
Perceived Discrimination
Peremptory challenges
Performance Measures
Performance requirements
Perimeter security
Personal crime victims
Personal interviews
Personal pagers
Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Security/Self Protection
Personal two-way radios
Personality assessment
Personnel administration
Personnel evaluation
Personnel evaluation techniques
Personnel identification systems
Personnel minimum standards
Personnel performance interviews
Personnel probation
Personnel promotion
Personnel rank structure
Personnel retention
Personnel security procedures
Personnel selection
Personnel shortages
Persons with cognitive disabilities
Persons with Disabilities
Persons with Mental Illness
Persons with physical disabilities
Pharmacy crimes
Pharmacy services
Philadelphia Justice Improvemt Model
Photographic analyses
Photographic identification
Photographic mapping
Photography techniques
Physical appearance
Physical crime prevention
Physical fitness
Physical restraints
Physical training
Physician child abuse neglect role
Physician social worker cooperation
Physicians role in crime prevention
Physiological requirements
Pilot cities
Plain clothes operations
Plain smell rule
Plain touch rule
Planning units (police)
Planning-programming-budgeting system
Plant analysis
Plea Bargain
Plea negotiations
Point-to-point communications
Poisons and poison analysis
Police academy
Police accreditation
Police administrative skills Training
Police aerial patrol training
Police affirmative action programs
Police agencies
Police AIDS policies
Police AIDS training
Police alcohol enforcement training
Police alienation
Police annual reports
Police arrest training
Police artists
Police as witnesses
Police attitudes
Police attitudes toward delinquents
Police baton training
Police briefings
Police Brutality
Police business cooperation
Police cadet training
Police cadets
Police campaigns
Police career counseling
Police career development
Police career incentive training
Police careers
Police cars
Police casework
Police certification
Police chiefs
Police child abuse training
Police civilian employees
Police command and control
Police commendations
Police commissions
Police communicable disease training
Police community relations
Police community relations programs
Police community relations units
Police compensation
Police computer training
Police confidential funds
Police conflict resolution training
Police consolidation
Police consultants
Police corruption
Police corruption causes
Police counter-terrorism training
Police court preparation training
Police court relations
Police crime analysis training
Police crime-prevention
Police criminal investigation training
Police crisis intervention
Police crowd control training
Police curriculum development
Police deaths
Police decertification
Police decisionmaking
Police decoys
Police defensive training
Police department surveys
Police department volunteers
Police differential response
Police directories
Police discipline
Police discretion
Police dispatch personnel evaluation
Police dispatch training
Police diversion
Police dog training
Police dogs
Police domestic violence training
Police driver training
Police drug use
Police due process training
Police DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Training
Police DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) Training
Police education
Police effectiveness
Police emergency planning
Police emergency procedures
Police employment/expenditure data
Police equipment
Police expenditures
Police facilities
Police facilities location
Police family issues
Police field services units
Police field training
Police fire training
Police firearm training
Police Foundation
Police fraud units
Police fund raising
Police higher education
Police hostage negotiations training
Police hostage-negotiation units
Police housing programs
Police human relations training
Police identification of stolen vehicles
Police in-car video systems
Police in-service training
Police information systems
Police inspection
Police instructor training
Police instructors
Police insurance
Police intelligence operations
Police internal affairs
Police internal investigations
Police internal organizations
Police internal security
Police interrogation training
Police interview/interrogation of juvenile
Police interviewing training
Police job rotation programs
Police job task analysis
Police juvenile diversion
Police juvenile relations
Police juvenile relations training
Police legal advisers
Police legal limitations
Police legal training
Police management
Police management internships
Police management training
Police manpower deployment
Police ministations
Police misconduct
Police motorcycle training
Police narcotic officer training
Police occupational stress
Police officer performance evaluations
Police organizational structure
Police paraprofessional training
Police paraprofessionals
Police performance evaluation
Police personnel
Police personnel promotion
Police personnel selection
Police photography training
Police physical fitness testing
Police physical fitness training
Police planning
Police policies and procedures
Police policy development
Police pollution control enforcement
Police procedures training
Police profanity
Police professionalism
Police prosecutor relations
Police psychological training
Police psychologists
Police pursuit driving
Police radio frequencies
Police raids
Police records
Police Records Units
Police recruit training
Police recruits
Police reference materials
Police referral
Police reform
Police report writing training
Police reports
Police reprimands
Police rescue training
Police research
Police reserve training
Police residency requirements
Police resource allocation
Police response time
Police response to terrorism
Police responsibilities
Police role conflict
Police role in criminal investigations
Police role in juvenile justice
Police roll call training
Police safety
Police safety techniques
Police school relations
Police services coordination
Police services for victims
Police sexual assault programs
Police shotguns
Police simulation training
Police social services
Police social worker role
Police special purpose vehicles
Police specialized training
Police spouse training
Police spouses
Police staff management
Police staff orientation
Police staff recruitment
Police staff services units
Police standards
Police statistical training
Police statistics
Police stress training
Police strikes
Police subculture
Police suicide
Police supervision
Police surveillance training
Police systems analysis training
Police tactical deployment
Police Take Home Car Program
Police team training
Police telecommunications systems
Police testimony
Police training
Police training as witnesses
Police training attitudes
Police training equipment
Police training evaluation
Police training facilities
Police training for persons with disabilities
Police training innovations
Police training management
Police training models
Police training needs assessment
Police training overview
Police training performance
Police training programs
Police training resources
Police training standards
Police training statistics
Police training/performance comparison
Police trial boards
Police unions
Police use of deadly force
Police vans
Police vehicular accidents
Police vision standards
Police volunteer training
Police warning
Police weapons
Police Weapons Center
Police weapons training
Police weapons use
Police witness management training
Police women
Police work attitudes
Police work scheduling
Police youth units
Police-citizen interactions
Police-fire operation consolidation
Police-gay community relations
Police-labor relations
Police-media relations
Police-media relations training
Police-military cooperation
Police-minority relations
Police-offender relations
police-parole officer cooperation
Police-private police cooperation
Police-run fencing operations
Police-social worker cooperation
Police-victim interaction
Policing innovation
Policy analysis
Policy training
Political asylum
Political crimes
Political impact of terrorism
Political influences
Political offender nonextradition
Political offenders
Political policing
Politically motivated violent crimes
Polydrug Use
Polygraph reliability
Polygraph techniques
Polygraph training
Polymer analysis
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Pornography as crime factor
Port and vessel security
Positive Development
Positive peer culture
Posse Comitatus
Post occupancy evaluations
Post-arrest procedures
Post-conviction remedies
Post-release programs
Post-trauma stress disorder (PTSD)
Postal crimes
Postal laws
Postal security
Postpartum psychosis defense
Poverty and crime
Power of eminent domain
Preappeal screening
Preemption doctrine
Pregnancy Determination
Pregnant drug abusers
Pregnant inmates
Pregnant offenders
Pregnant women
Prejudgment interest
Preliminary hearing
Preliminary investigations
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Prenatal biological influences
Prerelease centers
Prerelease programs
Prescription drugs
Prescription fraud
Presentence credit
Presentence investigations
Presentence studies
Presidential materials
Press relations
Press releases
Presumption of innocence
Presumptive sentences
Pretest-posttest evaluation
Pretextual police conduct
Pretrial conferences
Pretrial detention
Pretrial discovery
Pretrial drug testing
Pretrial electronic monitoring
Pretrial hearings
Pretrial intervention
Pretrial motions
Pretrial procedures
Pretrial programs
Pretrial publicity
Pretrial release
Pretrial Services
Pretrial services agencies
Pretrial Services Resource Center
Pretrial Supervision
Prevention and Education (drug)
Preventive detention
Price control
Prince Edward Island
Prior act evidence
Priorities determination
Prison accreditation
Prison climate
Prison conditions
Prison construction
Prison contraband
Prison contract health care
Prison costs
Prison disorders
Prison farms
Prison Gangs/Security Threat Groups
Prison libraries
Prison location
Prison management
Prison nurseries
Prison overcrowding
Prison Population
Prison population prediction
Prison Privatization
Prison publications
Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
Prison smoking policies
Prison special units
Prisoner sexual assault
Prisoner transport
Prisoner's rights
Privacy Act of 1974
Privacy and security
Private adjudication
Private crime laboratories
Private investigators
Private judges
Private police
Private prosecution
Private sector civic involvement
Private sector-government cooperation
Private Security Advisory Council
Private security officer training
Private streets
Privatization in corrections
Privileged communications
Pro se defense
Proactive police units
Probabilistic evidence
Probable cause
Probate records
Probation casework
Probation conditions
Probation costs
Probation effectiveness
Probation evaluation
Probation hearing
Probation management
Probation officer attitudes
Probation officer training evaluation
Probation or parole agencies
Probation or parole decisionmaking
Probation or parole officer training
Probation or parole officers
Probation or parole records
Probation or parole services
Probation or parole subsidy
Probation outcome prediction
Probation statistics
Probation violations
Probation/parole volunteers
Probationer substance abuse
Probationers attitudes
Probationers rights
Problem behavior
Problem-Oriented Policing
Procedure manuals
Process Serving
Procurement procedures
Product tampering
Products liability
Professional conduct and ethics
Professional criminals
Professional in-service education
Professional Liability
Professional misconduct
Professional organizations
Professional recognition
Proficiency pay
Program abuse
Program Adaptability/Replication
Program budgeting
Program coordination
Program design
Program evaluation
Program evaluation review techniques
Program financing
Program implementation
Program monitoring
Program planning
Program termination
Programs for runaways
Project CREST (Clinical Regional Support Teams)
Project DARE
Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN)
Project SEARCH
Project STAR
Property Crime
Property crime causes
Property crime statistics
Property crime victims
Property crimes
Property damage
Property identification
Property values
Prosecution by police
Prosecution model
Prosecutor training
Prosecutor-victim interaction
Prosecutorial discretion
Prosecutorial diversion
Prosecutorial immunity
Prosecutorial screening
Prosecutors Management Information System
Prosocial Attitudes
Prostitution across international borders
Prostitution causes
Protection of public figures
Protective custody
Protective equipment
Protective masks
Protective shields
Protective sweep doctrine
Psychiatric services
Psychiatric testimony
psychological abuse
psychological aggression
Psychological causes of delinquency
Psychological dependence
Psychological evaluation
Psychological influences on crime
Psychological manipulation
Psychological research
Psychological stress evaluator
Psychological theories
Psychological victimization effects
Psychological warfare
Psychologists role in corrections
Psychologists role in criminal justice
Psychologists role in policing
Psychologists/psychiatrists role in Juvenile Justice
Psychology of law enforcement
psychometric assessment
Psychosexual behavior
Public administration
Public agencies
Public Attitudes/Opinion
Public defenders
Public education
Public gambling
Public Health Service
Public housing
Public Housing Crime Prevention Programs
Public information
Public interest advocacy
Public nuisance
Public Opinion of Corrections
Public Opinion of Crime
Public Opinion of Drug Abuse
Public Opinion of Juveniles
Public Opinion of the Courts
Public Opinion of the Police
Public order offenses
Public relations programs
Public safety consolidation
Public safety coordination
Public Safety Officers Benefit Act
Public schools
Public/private police comparisons
Publications lists
Puerto Ricans
Puerto Rico