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Photocopy Services
Quantity NCJ # Title Page RangeQuestion Mark Fee
1 197030 Unintended Consequences of Sentencing Policy: Key Issues in Developing Strategies to Address Long-Term Care Needs of Prison Inmates (202 pages) 101 - 400 pages $40.00
Due to Copyright restrictions, only one photocopy of a document can be provided per customer.
Customers will not be billed until the availability of the requested document on our library shelves is confirmed.
Quantity Ordered:  1
Photocopy Services Sub Total:  $40.00
Photocopy Services Fees
Page RangeDomestic CostOutside U.S.
< 25 pages$5.00$6.50
25 - 49 pages$10.00$11.50
50 - 100 pages$20.00$22.50
101 - 400 pages$40.00$45.00
> 400 pages$60.00$67.50
View our Photocopy policy.

Total Quantity:  1
Total:  $40.00