Special Feature: Celebrate Safe Communities

Celebrate Safe Communities

Safe communities are no accident. There's an opportunity for everyone to help prevent crime in their neighborhoods and to make their communities a safer place.

The Celebrate Safe Communities initiative is observed during the month of October to help local law enforcement agencies and their community partners kick off celebrations for National Crime Prevention Month. October is a time to motivate, inspire, and join others locally and nationally to create year-round support for prevention activities that help keep communities safe from crime.

Whether it's confronting gangs, keeping schools safe, or preventing theft, communities face a number of challenges that threaten their security.

Celebrate Safe Communities highlights community efforts on crime prevention, enhances public awareness of vital crime prevention and safety messages, and recruits year-round support for ongoing prevention activities that help keep neighborhoods safe from crime.

A Celebrate Safe Communities event can be anything large or small. Examples include an anti-drug march, a community safety fair, or a neighborhood cleanup.

In coordination with efforts to promote community safety, citizen crime prevention, and volunteer efforts nationwide, NCJRS presents this compilation of resources related to creating and maintaining safer communities. Select a topic from the "Celebrate Safe Communities" box to learn more.