Interlibrary Loan Information

To place a loan request:

To place a loan request you must be affiliated with an eligible organization, see the Eligibility section below. To place a loan request simply e-mail, mail, or fax your request to the NCJRS Library. Clearly cite the document title and NCJ Number, and include your name, organization, address, and phone number. NCJRS Library staff will respond to your request promptly and advise you on how to proceed.


This service is offered to U.S. and Canadian libraries and those affiliated with U.S. Federal, State, and local governmental organizations, including members of the law enforcement and/or corrections community. If you are not affiliated with one of these organizations you may still borrow materials from the NCJRS collection. However, you must contact your local library for assistance in submitting your loan request.

What can be borrowed?

All of the publications listed in the NCJRS Abstracts Database are available through this service. Additionally, many of these materials may also be acquired through the Library’s Photocopy Service.


Interlibrary loans within the United States cost $15.00 per item borrowed. Loans to Canada cost $16.50 (USD) per item borrowed. In most cases, loans to U.S. Federal, State, and local government agencies and members of the law enforcement and/or corrections community are free of charge.

Photocopy requests placed through the interlibrary loan service vary in price dependent upon the page length (page count) of the document requested and your geographic location (domestic or outside the U.S.).

Chart displays NCJRS photocopy fees. Chart displays page range for photocopy, domestic and outside U.S. costs. Less than 25 pages, $5.00, $6.50; 25 - 50 pages, $10, $11.50; 50 - 100 pages, $20, $22.50; 101 - 400 pages, $40, $45; more than 400 pages, $60, $67.50


NCJRS accepts payment by credit card. The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Customers affiliated with U.S. & Canadian Government agencies, libraries, and universities may use a purchase order when ordering. All purchase order invoices must be paid for using a credit card.