Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

The NCJRS RSS Feed provides subscribers with the latest information posted to the NCJRS home page. By adding this RSS feed to your RSS reader or news aggregator, you will receive notices of new publications, funding opportunities, upcoming events, and other announcements from NCJRS and the NCJRS federal sponsors.

How do I subscribe to the NCJRS RSS feed?

To subscribe to this feed, copy the URL from the box below and paste it into your preferred RSS reader (e.g., Bloglines, Feedly, or My Yahoo).

Alternatively, if you are using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer version 7 or later, and you would like to use your browser as an RSS reader, click the orange RSS icon next to the website address to add it to your browser's list of feeds, or from the Tools menu, select "Subscribe to this feed."

To add an RSS feed to your Outlook email account, go to the RSS Feeds section, right click on it, then click on "Add a New RSS Feed."

How can I place this RSS Wire on my website?

The NCJRS.gov RSS Wire

Use the NCJRS.gov RSS Wire to easily add the latest information posted to the NCJRS home page to your own blog or website. The feed includes announcements about publications, conferences, and more. The feed automatically refreshes each time the NCJRS.gov home page is updated, keeping your website’s content fresh.

How can I display RSS feeds on my website?

Your Webmaster simply needs to choose a method for converting each desired RSS feed to Web page format (HTML). It only needs to be set up once. After that, the headlines will be automatically updated on your website.

Simple Instructions:

Follow these simple instructions if you are not familiar with RSS/XML technologies. No programming is required.

Copy the following code to the page where you want to display the feed information:

This page will display the feeds in HTML format.

Other Tools:

Many other tools for converting RSS into HTML are available for a variety of platforms, including .NET, ASP, Perl, and PHP. You can also use your favorite search engine to search for "RSS" and your platform of choice.

What We Ask of You:

You may freely use these feeds to keep your site fresh. We only request two things: if you use the NCJRS.gov News Wire, please attribute NCJRS.gov as the source along with a link to https://www.ncjrs.gov, and send us an email to let us know.