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Mental Health and Treatment of Inmates and Probationers, BJS, July 1999, NCJ 174463. (12 pages).
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Mental Illness and Violent Crime, NIJ, October 1996, NCJ 184208. (4 pages).
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The Mentor Program for VOCA Administrators Announcement and Call for Participation, OVC, 1998, FS 000210.
Mentoring--A Proven Delinquency Prevention Strategy, OJJDP, April 1997, NCJ 164834. (8 pages).
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Meth Matters: Report on Methamphetamine Users in Five Western Cities, NIJ, April 1999, NCJ 176331. (81 pages).
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Methamphetamine Interagency Task Force: Final Report, NIJ, January 2000, NCJ 180155. (28 pages).
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Methamphetamine Use Among Arrestees: Findings From the Drug Use Forecasting (DUF) Program, Research in Brief, NIJ, November 1996, NCJ 161842. (8 pages).
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Minorities and the Juvenile Justice System: Research Summary, OJJDP, July 1995, NCJ 145849. (25 pages).
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Minorities in the Juvenile Justice System, OJJDP, December 1999, NCJ 179007. (16 pages).
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Mobilizing Communities To Prevent Juvenile Crime, OJJDP, July 1997, NCJ 165928. (8 pages).
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