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Organized Crime



  • Where can I locate information about organized crime in the United States?
    Information about organized crime can be found in the Organized Crime section of the Federal Bureau ... Read More
    Last Updated: December 30, 2011

  • Where can I find information on the Russian mafia?
    Information on the Russian mafia can be found on the Organized Crime section of the Federal Bureau o... Read More
    Last Updated: June 24, 2013

  • How do I find statistics on your website?
    To locate statistical resources on our Web site, you can conduct an advanced search, view the A-Z To... Read More
    Last Updated: March 31, 2015

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  • Biannual Grantee Feedback Report, April-September 2015: Intellectual Property Enforcement Program (IPEP),  BJA-Sponsored, October 2016, NCJ 250444. (5 pages).

  • Culture, Migration and Transnational Crime: Ethnic Albanian Organized Crime in New York City,  NIJ-Sponsored, May 2015, NCJ 249671. (17 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Shifting Structure of Chicago's Organized Crime Network and the Women It Left Behind,  NIJ-Sponsored, September 2015, NCJ 249547. (233 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Responding to Transnational Organized Crime - Supporting Research, Improving Practice,  NIJ, October 2011, NCJ 235889. (6 pages).
    PDF  HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

  • International Organized Crime: Recent Developments in Policy and Research - Panel at the 2010 NIJ Conference,  NIJ, June 2010, NCJ 234784. (10 pages).
    Agency Abstract   HTML  NCJRS Abstract   

  • Connecting International Organized Crime Research to Policy and Practice: The Strategic Context in the U.S. and the U.K.,  NIJ, November 2010, NCJ 234633. (9 pages).
    PDF  NCJRS Abstract   

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