Photos representing weeding and seeding efforts such as police officers on bicycles, building construction, brick row house facade displaying several flags.

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About In-Sites

Since its creation in 1993, Weed & Seed In-Sites has grown from a 16-page newsletter to an award-winning 24-page magazine. In 2004, CCDO remade In-Sites into an electronic-only publication to give you quick and easy access to important information from the field about topics such as community policing and neighborhood restoration and to update you on CCDO's new focus areas: public housing, reentry, and American Indian/Alaska Native affairs.

The In-Sites quarterly e-pub consists of several sections listed at the left of the screen: law enforcement, community policing, prevention (including intervention and treatment), neighborhood restoration, reentry, and American Indian/Alaska Native affairs. Each section contains stories from the field highlighting effective strategies, important events, strong community leaders, and grassroots efforts to improve our neighborhoods.

With more than 300 officially recognized Weed and Seed sites throughout the country, there are numerous stories that should be shared. Make sure your site is highlighted by submitting your story to In-Sites. You can also subscribe to the In-Sites listserv to be notified of the next issue's posting. And don't forget to check out our past issues as well.

We hope you enjoy In-Sites. Please send feedback to Sonia Klukas, Partnership Officer.