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Photos representing weeding and seeding efforts such as police officers on bicycles, building construction, brick row house facade displaying several flags.

2005 CCDO Application Kit and Training Workshop

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Winter 2004 issue of In-Sites magazine, published by the Community Capacity Development Office (formerly Weed & Seed Office), Office Justice Programs (OJP)CCDO Home pageHomeLetter From the DirectorOJP SealLetter From the U.S. AttorneyPhotos representing weeding and seeding efforts: two police officers smiling at the camera, three individuals painting over graffiti on a wall, woman holding a potted plant.About In-SitesFind Past IssuesSubmit StoriesSubscribeReentry - In This Section banner

Easing the Transition

When transition back to the community is left solely up to the released offender, the community is put at risk. The Reentry Partnership Initiative (RPI) can minimize the risk while also achieving community safety. Offender's Views of Reentry: Implications for Processes, Programs, and Services is part of a series of papers evaluating RPI. The evaluation examines how eight demonstration sites pursued implementation, focusing on the organizational development across agencies to construct new reentry processes. Interviews, focus groups, network analysis surveys of stakeholders, and review of documents were all used to measure the fidelity of the implementation during the early stage of the RPI process.

Project Team: Recipe for Reentry Success

Easing the Transition