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Design a Marketing Strategy
Ask the Right Questions—10 Key Strategic Questions

The BEHAVE framework is a guide that can help you draft strategies for successful programs. It asks four simple questions that must be answered before you proceed. Put simply, a strategy is a statement that provides a blueprint for action. It sums up all you have learned to date and answers the following 10 questions.

These questions fall under the following four categories:

  • Problem statement.
  • Behavior.
  • Determinants.
  • Interventions.

Problem Statement

  1. What is the social problem I want to address?


  1. What action do I believe will best address that problem? (action)
  2. Who is being asked to take that action? (audience)


  1. What does the audience want in exchange for adopting this new behavior? (key benefit)
  2. Why will the audience believe that anything we are offering is real and true? (support)
  3. What is the competition offering? Are we offering something the audience wants more? (competition)


  1. What is the best time and place to reach members of the audience so that they are the most disposed to receiving the intervention? (aperture)
  2. How often and from whom does the intervention have to be received if it is to work? (exposure)
  3. How can I integrate a variety of interventions over time in a coordinated manner that will influence the behavior? (integration)
  4. Do I have the resources to carry out this strategy and, if not, where can I find useful partners? (affordability)