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Communications Toolkit--Telling Your Weed & Seed Story Office of Justice Programs Seal Community Capacity Development Office Office of Justice Programs
Design a Marketing Strategy
Think Like a Marketer—Remember the Bottom Line

Principle 2. Your bottom line: When all is said and done, the audience's action is what counts.

Although you may want to educate your audience about Weed and Seed and make them feel good about the program's accomplishments, your marketing effort should also result in action. If you can't get your audience to do something, then your effort will have been unsuccessful. The bottom line is action.

The best way to implement this principle is to define and promote a specific, simple action for the target audience to perform. What looks straightforward to you, however, might be more complex to the audience. The clearer you can be about the action or behavior, the more successful your program will be.

When brainstorming, consider using one of the following calls to action:

  • Volunteer for the neighborhood watch.
  • Materially support the program.
  • Attend a meeting.
  • Call the local Weed and Seed.
Social Marketing
Five principles of social marketing:
  1. Know your audience.
  2. Remember the bottom line.
  3. Make it easy to act.
  4. Use the 4 Ps: product, price, placement, and promotion.
  5. Base decisions on evidence.

To begin using these principles in the real world, break down the behavior you want to change to understand what is behind it. Only then can you think about how you might change it.