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Communications Toolkit--Telling Your Weed & Seed Story Office of Justice Programs Seal Community Capacity Development Office Office of Justice Programs
Get Your Message Out
Choose a Delivery Method—Broadcast

Commonly used broadcast vehicles include television advertising or public service announcements (PSAs), television and radio public affairs shows, and radio talk shows.

  • Broadcast vehicles reach many people quickly and deliver a large number of impressions.
  • They can be localized for and targeted to your audience, and they are effective for suggesting that the audience take an immediate action, such as calling a hotline.
  • Radio ads are relatively inexpensive to produce, especially live-read ads, and they appeal to radio public service directors because they allow the station to use its in-house talent.
  • Time restrictions can greatly prohibit your efforts:
    • Television advertising and PSAs are aired in 15-, 30-, and 60-second spots, and it's a challenge to convey a great deal of information in them.
    • Likewise, television and radio public affairs shows are restricted by time. They typically air for 30 minutes, including commercial interruptions.
    • Public affairs shows are typically aired during non-primetime hours, when your audience may not be watching or listening.
  • Television advertising is relatively expensive to produce and place.
  • Broadcast vehicles have a short lifespan.
Communities in Action
Find out how Weed and Seed communities are using the following broadcast vehicles to get their messages out: