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Get Your Message Out
Pitch Your Story—Create a Buzz

After you have developed attention-grabbing, targeted, and appropriately formatted newsworthy materials, you still have to get a newspaper or station to use your story or cover your event. This is where pitching comes in. It's not enough to simply send out your information and hope that someone will find it interesting. You need to take proactive, creative steps to generate excitement and sell your story to each outlet.

Pitching usually involves sending printed information, such as a news release or media advisory with a pitch letter or e-mail, and then following up by phone. During your followup, you should ensure that your materials have been received and find out how you might persuade your contacts to cover your story or event.

Tools of the Trade icon.Check out Tools of the Trade to review a sample pitch checklist so you know what to do and what not to do during your pitch.