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Get Your Message Out
Choose a Delivery Method—Interactive Media

Interactive media vehicles include, but are not limited to, Web sites, e-newsletters, listservs, podcasts, Webcasts, and blogs. The interactive field is fast moving and ever changing.

  • Interactive media vehicles are designed to be used at the audience's convenience.
  • Your audience can access interactive messages when and where they want.
  • Interactive media have the potential to reach many people quickly.
  • Online users are more engaged in seeking the content, which can mean that they are more likely to be interested in and to retain your message.
  • Electronic media can be used to facilitate two-way communication between your organization and your target audience.
  • Information disseminated through interactive media can be updated relatively quickly and easily.
  • Listservs allow organizations and individuals to quickly and simultaneously communicate with many people and provide your audience with a way to respond.
  • Using interactive media requires access to and the ability to use equipment such as computers or MP3 players and software.
  • Users may choose not to access the information.
  • Web sites require the owner to provide a great deal of maintenance to keep the audience coming back over the long term.
Communities in Action
Find out how Weed and Seed communities are using the following interactive media vehicles to get their messages out: