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Communications Toolkit--Telling Your Weed & Seed Story Office of Justice Programs Seal Community Capacity Development Office Office of Justice Programs
Get Your Message Out
Choose a Delivery Method—Print

Print vehicles include items such as brochures, fliers, news and magazine articles, newsletters, print advertising, and outdoor advertising, including billboards, transit cards, vehicle and transit wraps, and bus shelter displays.

  • Most print vehicles reach an audience that is interested in the document and therefore likely to read it.
  • Print products have a longer shelf life than their electronic cousins—they can sit in a living room for weeks or longer, and they can get passed from one person to another.
  • Desktop publishing software makes developing attractive and eye-catching brochures and fliers relatively inexpensive, and they can be reproduced in-house on copy machines.
  • Outdoor advertising, if placed in the correct commuting route, can potentially reach a large portion of your audience.
  • People are increasingly reading less, and print materials are getting lost among other communications vehicles.
  • Print messages must be targeted, and they are not the best vehicles for reaching audiences with visual impairments, limited English proficiency, or low literacy skills in their native language.
  • Because public service advertising is carried at the publisher's discretion, it's unlikely that your advertisement will be located in a prime spot in the magazine or newspaper.
  • Writing a news or magazine article is just part of the process; additional work must be done to get the article placed.
Communities in Action
Find out how Weed and Seed communities are using the following print vehicles to get their messages out: