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Special Feature: Community Corrections

Community corrections programs oversee offenders outside of jail or prison, and are administered by agencies or courts with the legal authority to enforce sanctions. Community corrections include probation (correctional supervision within the community rather than jail or prison) and parole (a period of conditional, supervised release from prison) (Community Corrections, National Institute of Justice, Retrieved June 2015). Additionally, pretrial service agencies manage and oversee defendants who have been released from secure custody during the pretrial phase of a criminal case, ideally to assure both court appearance and public safety (Pretrial Justice Institute, Retrieved June 2015).

National Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week, recognized each July, is dedicated to show appreciation for the efforts of and services provided by community corrections professionals throughout the United States. To recognize the contributions made by the men and women who hold community corrections positions across the country, NCJRS presents this compilation of resources related to the community corrections field. Please select a topic from the following list or from the section at the right under the heading "Community Corrections" to learn more: