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Contribute to Our Collection

The NCJRS Library accepts complimentary materials and welcomes suggestions for our collection. All submissions and suggestions will be considered for the collection. However, only items that meet our collection development criteria can be added. In general, to be considered for inclusion in the Library, the document(s) must meet all of the following minimum requirements:

  • Be related to the field of criminal justice, juvenile justice, victim assistance, or substance abuse.
  • Have been published within the past five years.
  • Be at least three pages long.
  • Be available to the public, suitable for general distribution, and cannot be classified or sensitive for security reasons.
  • Be written in English or have an English-language summary/abstract.
  • Not currently be in the collection. Before submitting a document to the Library, please search the NCJRS Abstracts Database to ensure that it is not already in our collection.

To Contribute

Hardcopy editions submitted to the Library can be mailed to:

NCJRS Library
Acquisitions Department
700 North Frederick Ave.
Building 182
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Electronic versions of documents can be submitted via e-mail to the NCJRS Library. Include if permission is granted to post the document online in the NCJRS Abstracts Database. All electronic formats are accepted and will be converted to PDF if permission to post is granted.
URLs for Web-based documents can be submitted via e-mail to the NCJRS Library.
Document collection donations are accepted. Please contact the NCJRS Library to arrange this transaction.
To suggest a document for the collection, e-mail the document citation to the NCJRS Library. Include the full citation and/or document URL in the message. Each suggested document will be reviewed and, if it is found suitable, we will attempt to acquire a copy for the collection.