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Adult support and guidance are the cornerstones of healthy youth development. When youth are exposed to a disorganized or dysfunctional lifestyle, they're at risk for justice involvement and destructive behavior.

To support youth who are without a caring adult in their lives, research has shown that mentoring is an effective strategy. Mentoring can improve self-esteem, academic achievement, and peer relationships while reducing drug use, aggression, depressive symptoms, and delinquent acts.

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Are funds available to support juvenile mentoring programs? Current funding opportunities from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) can be found ...Read More

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National Mentoring Summit
January 29–31, 2020 | Washington, DC
Adults Working with Native Youth
February 4–6, 2020 | Reno, NV

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Publications and Resources

Evaluation of the Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Program: Technical Report
This report presents the findings and methodology of an independent process and outcome evaluation of juvenile mentoring programs funded by OJJDP in 2012.
National Mentoring Resource Center
With support from OJJDP, the goal of the National Mentoring Resource Center is to improve the quality and effectiveness of youth mentoring across the country through increased use of evidence-based practices and sharing practitioner innovations.
OJJDP: Mentoring
The Mentoring section of the OJJDP website captures information about OJJDP and other agency efforts related to youth mentoring.

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