Special Feature: Elder Abuse - Abuse by Caregivers


Safe Seniors Camera Program Seeks to Protect the Elderly
National Institute of Justice-Sponsored, April 2018
Elder Abuse: The Extent of Abuse by Guardians Is Unknown, but Some Measures Exist to Help Protect Older Adults
U.S. Government Accountability Office, November 2016
Understanding Elder Abuse: New Directions for Developing Theories of Elder Abuse Occurring in Domestic Settings
National Institute of Justice, June 2013
Examination of Resident Abuse in Assisted Living Facilities
National Institute of Justice-Sponsored, March 2013
Developing an Actuarial Risk Assessment to Inform Decisions Made by Adult Protective Services Workers
National Institute of Justice-Sponsored, September 2012
People with Dementia as Witnesses to Emotional Events
National Institute of Justice-Sponsored, December 2009
Detecting, Addressing and Preventing Elder Abuse In Residential Care Facilities
National Institute of Justice-Sponsored, November 2009
Bruising as a Forensic Marker of Physical Elder Abuse
National Institute of Justice-Sponsored, March 2009
National Elder Mistreatment Study
National Institute of Justice-Sponsored, March 2009
Mandatory Reporting of Nursing Home Deaths: Markers for Mistreatment, Effect on Care Quality, and Generalizability
National Institute of Justice-Sponsored, November 2007
Neglect of Older Persons: An Introduction to Legal Issues Related to Caregiver Duty and Liability
National Center on Elder Abuse-Sponsored, 2007

Related Resources

National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA)
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, NCEA serves as a national resource center dedicated to the prevention of elder mistreatment. The NCEA site contains state and federal law information, FAQs, and publications, as well as statistics relating to elder abuse.
National Institute of Justice (NIJ): Elder Abuse
The Elder Abuse section of the NIJ website provides information about and research on elder abuse and related topics.
National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center
Funded by the Administration on Aging (AoA), the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center provides support, technical assistance, and training to State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs and their statewide networks of regional (local) programs. The Center works to improve the quality of life and care of the residents in long-term care facilities.
Office for Victims of Crime (OVC): Elder Abuse/Mistreatment
The Elder Abuse/Mistreatment section of the OVC website provides information and resources to help bring greater awareness to the crime of elder abuse and mistreatment.
U.S. Department of Justice: Elder Justice Initiative
This site serves as a resource for victims of elder abuse and financial exploitation and their families; practitioners who serve them; law enforcement agencies and prosecutors; and researchers seeking to understand and address this silent epidemic plaguing our nation's elders.

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