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Acceptance Criteria

The NCJRS Justice Events Calendar contains information about upcoming conferences, webinars, and other events that pertain to juvenile and criminal justice, victim assistance, and substance abuse. We provide details for each event, including the event's date, location, sponsor, and website where further information about the event can be located.

Events submitted for inclusion in the Justice Events Calendar must focus on juvenile and criminal justice, victim assistance, and/or substance abuse in some way. Information on the following topics may be available:

- Corrections - Crime Prevention
- Courts - Statistics
- Drugs and Drug-Related Crime - Counter-Terrorism/Domestic Preparedness
- Juvenile Justice - Media
- Delinquency Prevention - Grants and Funding
- Law Enforcement - Science and Technology
- Victims of Crime - Evaluation
- International - Health/Mental Health

Each event submitted to the Calendar is reviewed for suitability and the final determination for inclusion in the Calendar is at the sole discretion of the government.

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