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Collage of faith-based imagesSpecial Feature: Faith-Based Resources

Faith-based organizations (churches, ministries, other houses of worship, and their affiliated bodies) can play an important role in many aspects of the justice system, such as victim services, prisoner reentry, delinquency prevention, substance abuse treatment and services to law enforcement personnel. Two examples of how faith-based organizations are listed below.

Faith-based and community organizations (FBCOs) are often in a unique position to address needs in their communities and, in particular, the needs of victims of crime. In terms of presence alone, FBCOs stand in direct contact with those having the greatest needs (HOPE II: Faith-Based and Community Organization Program Evaluation Study, Summary Report, National Institute of Justice-Sponsored November 2008).

FBCOs can supply critical services to people released from prisons and jails. In some jurisdictions, FBCOs may be the only resource for this population (Reentry Partnerships: A Guide for States & Faith-Based and Community Organizations, Bureau of Justice Assistance 2008).

In recognition of the role that faith-based organizations can play in the justice system, we present this compilation of faith-based resources available from Federal agencies. To learn more about this topic, please select a page from the box at the right under the heading "Faith-Based Resources" or from the listing below: