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Collage of fraud images.Special Feature: Fraud Awareness

A single scam can destroy a company, devastate families by wiping out their life savings, or cost investors billions of dollars (or even all three).  Additionally, today's fraud schemes are more sophisticated than ever (White Collar Crime, Federal Bureau of Investigation, retrieved February 2015).

Results of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) survey of fraud in the United States during 2011 showed that an estimated 25.6 million adults – 10.8 percent of the adult population – were victims of fraud.  Most consumers bought fraudulent items via the Internet with telephone purchases ranking second (Consumer Fraud in the United States, 2011: The Third FTC Survey, Federal Trade Commission, April 2013).

In an effort to educate businesses and the public about the impact of fraud, as well as to promote basic steps that can be taken to recognize, report, and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraudulent activities, NCJRS presents this online compilation of resources addressing the topic.

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