Chapter 6: Resources for Technical Assistance

This chapter provides a list of organizations that provide training and technical assistance on the topics addressed in this manual as well as other areas. Most of the providers are OJJDP grantees and contractors.

Additionally, the chapter contains sample documents that may be used in developing technical assistance agreements and assessing technical assistance activities. Completion of the forms is optional. Please copy these pages or remove the perforated copies of the same documents found in Appendix F and use them as needed.

For additional information about the following resources and a complete listing of OJJDP training and technical assistance providers, please refer to:

Training and Technical Assistance Resource Catalog—2000 Edition, published by the OJJDP National Training and Technical Assistance Center; 800-830-4031,

Chapter 6

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Jurisdictional Technical Assistance Package for Juvenile Corrections Report - December 2000