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The 1997 National Drug Control Strategy is a statement of will and a guide to action. Its overarching purpose is the reduction of illegal drug use and the harm it causes. It is inspired by a long-term vision of a nation free of drug abuse in which youthful dreams are fulfilled and the ideals of democracy are realized.

The Strategy offers a comprehensive, balanced approach to reduce demand for illegal drugs and decrease their availability. It applies the necessary resources, programs, and initiatives to make significant inroads toward overcoming the nation’s drug problem. The Strategy’s message is clear:

To our children and their parents and mentors, we offer the tools for making the right choice to reach adulthood free of illegal substance.

To our communities troubled by dangers of the drug trade, we provide law enforcement and social services that promote a safer, more wholesome environment.

To those caught in the grip of drug abuse, we make available education, prevention, and treatment to help afflicted individuals become contributing citizens.

To criminals who display a callous disregard for our laws and people, we announce our determination to uphold the legal system and bring offenders to justice.

To the nations of the world, we commit ourselves to working cooperatively to stop the insidious trade in illegal drugs.

To our citizens, we pledge to make progress towards our goals.

The 1997 National Drug Control Strategy embodies the collective will of the American people. It is charged with their determination to overcome the problem of drug abuse and its devastating consequences. It is built from the fiber of their optimism. It reflects their belief that this country can become safer, healthier, and imbued with the vigor of thriving communities and contributing citizens.

          Barry R. McCaffrey

            Barry R. McCaffrey
            Office of National Drug Control Policy

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