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The National Drug Control Strategy: 1997

Table of Contents

Transmittal Letter from the President

Foreword by General McCaffrey

I. The Purposes and Nature of Strategy

Drug Control Strategy: An Overview

A Comprehensive Ten-Year Plan

The Mandate for a National Drug Control Strategy

Evolution of the National Drug Control Strategy

Elements of the 1997 National Drug Control Strategy

An Enduring Challenge

II. America’s Drug Abuse Profile

Fewer Americans Are Using Illegal Drugs

Drug Use Is a Shared Problem

Trends in Youth Drug Use

Consequences of Illicit Drug Use

Health Consequences

The Cost of Drug-Related Crime

Illegal Drugs Remain Available

While Progress Has Been Made, More Remains to be Done

We Must Act Now to Prevent a Future Drug Epidemic

III. Strategic Goals and Objectives

Demand Reduction

Supply Reduction

Organizational Structures

Goals and Objectives

Measures of Effectiveness

IV. A Comprehensive Approach

Youth-Oriented Initiatives

Initiatives to Reduce Drug-Related Crime and Violence

Initiatives to Reduce Health and Social Problems

Initiatives to Shield Our Frontiers

Initiatives to Reduce Drug Availability

Other Initiatives

V. Resources to Implement the Strategy

VI. Consultation

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