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Should dealers be allowed to participate in drug court treatment?

San Bernardino

  • Yeah. Because you’re putting the drugs out there and you’re creating the problem and don’t realize that you’re the problem yourself, until you get caught up in it.

  • If you don’t [allow them in], that eliminates a lot of people that’s gonna come in here with a drug problem.

  • The reason I started drug dealing was so that I wouldn’t have to spend money on drugs.

  • You can prevent a lot of problems in the future. You can prevent a lot of drug addicts. I should think they would want to spend money on prevention.

  • I see it as they need to be in this program also, because we’re in the same boat as those people who was using drugs. You have to see the carnage that you put out there. The destruction. The downside to it all.

  • I think it depends on them. What kind of dealer they are. If this is all just to support their habit, yeah. If they’re big-time dealers, that’s different.

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An Honest Chance: Perspectives on Drug Courts April 2002