Shay Bilchik, Administrator July 1999

Offenders in Juvenile
Court, 1996


This Bulletin was prepared under grant number 95-JN-FX-0008 from the Office of Juvenile Justive and Delinquency Prevention U.S. Department of Justice.

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From the Administrator

From 1987 to 1996, the number of delinquency cases handled by the Nation's juvenile courts rose 49 percent, with juvenile courts processing nearly 1.8 million delinquency cases in 1996 alone. Person offenses accounted for more than 381,000 of these cases—the largest number of person offense cases to come before America's juvenile courts in a decade.

Offenders in Juvenile Court, 1996 presents these and other findings from Juvenile Court Statistics 1996, the latest in a series of OJJDP Reports that provide data from the National Juvenile Court Data Archive. The Archive, which is maintained for OJJDP by the National Center for Juvenile Justice, is the only comprehensive source of data about youth referred to U.S. juvenile courts for delinquency and status offenses.

The estimates reported in these pages are derived from data from nearly 1,800 courts with jurisdiction over 67 percent of the U.S. juvenile population. This Bulletin, like the larger Report on which it is based, serves as a barometer of trends in juvenile crime. It is my hope that the Bulletin will provide a useful guidepost for juvenile justice professionals, public officials, policymakers, and other citizens concerned about juvenile violence and delinquency.

Shay Bilchik


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