Case Processing

During 1996, more than half of petitioned status offense cases (52%) resulted in an adjudication (i.e., a formal finding that the juvenile committed the offense) (figure 5). Adjudication was more likely in cases involving truancy (57%), ungovernability (56%), and liquor law violations (55%) than in cases of running away (35%). Probation was the most common disposition for adjudicated status offenders. Among adjudicated status offense cases, 59% resulted in probation; 24% resulted in other sanctions, such as restitution or community service; 14% resulted in out-of-home placement; and 3% were dismissed (i.e., no sanction was entered as a disposition).

Figure 5: Juvenile Court Processing of Petitioned Status Offense Cases, 1996
Figure 5
Note: Detail may not add to totals because of rounding.


Offenders in Juvenile Court, 1996Juvenile Justice Bulletin   ·  July 1999