Use of Detention

Detention was used in 9,600 petitioned status offense cases in 1996 (table 18). There were 14% fewer status offense cases involving detention in 1996 than in 1987, but 25% more than in 1992. Even larger declines in the number of cases involving detention were seen in cases of truancy (53%), running away (45%), and ungovernability (44%). In contrast, the number of cases involving detention was greater in 1996 than in 1987 for cases involving liquor (79%).

Table 18: Percent Change in Detained Petitioned Status Offense Cases, 1987-1996
Table 18
Note: Total includes case types not detailed above. Detail may not add to totals because of rounding. Percent change calculations are based on unrounded numbers.

Cases of running away were the most likely status offense matters to involve detention in 1996. Detention was used in 10% of these cases, 7% of ungovernability cases, 6% of status liquor law violations, and 2% of truancy cases. Of the estimated 9,600 petitioned status offense cases that involved detention in 1996, 29% involved liquor law violations, 27% were cases of running away, 15% involved ungovernability charges, 6% were truancy cases, and the remaining 22% involved miscellaneous status offenses.


Offenders in Juvenile Court, 1996Juvenile Justice Bulletin   ·  July 1999