Chapter 6: Crime Mapping Futures

  1. This interpretation and the accompanying map were provided by Det. Insp. D. Kim Rossmo of the Geographic Profiling Section, Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

  2. According to a reviewer with profiling experience, however, profiling is an extremely specialized and expensive process demanding a skill level and financial commitment that few agencies can realistically afford, at least not with the currently available technology.

  3. For more information on yellow pages and phone books on CD-ROM, see

  4. I am indebted to Dr. S.K. Lodha (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Dr. Armind Verma (Indiana University) for the maps and accompanying interpretation. The maps shown are from Lodha and Verma, 1999. Available online at

  5. See chapter 2 for additional explanation.

  6. A square mile is 1,760 yards x 3 = 5,280 feet2 or 27,878,400 square feet.

  7. This pilot project was known as OPRA, for Orthophotographic Representation and Analysis.
Chapter 6: Crime Mapping Futures
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Mapping Crime: Principle and Practice, by Keith Harries, Ph.D., December 1999