Planning and Program Design

During the design phase, the sites developed "action planning teams" to translate the basic parameters of the IAP model into a program tailored to the local context. Each site brought together people with different responsibilities from within the correctional system and from related agencies to garner as much intrasystem and interagency cooperation and commitment as possible. The teams, each of which received multiday training and ongoing technical assistance from Drs. Altschuler and Armstrong, included high-level agency administrators representing institutions, aftercare, the judiciary, and prosecutors' offices, and also included mental health, education, employment, and social services agencies. These teams developed their site-specific plan for IAP, the details of which were subsequently fleshed out by internal IAP management teams and/or project staff.

The local versions of IAP all incorporated into their design the primary components and features of the national model. However, as discussed more fully below, the ways in which the components were put into operation varied considerably.

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Implementation of the Intensive Community-Based Aftercare Program Juvenile Justice Bulletin July 2000