Summary and Conclusion

The SFP 10-14 is an adaptation of the original SFP by Kumpfer and colleagues for a general population of young adolescents and their parents. The program seeks to reduce adolescent substance abuse and other problem behaviors, enhance parenting skills, and build stronger families. The curriculum has seven 2-hour sessions and four booster sessions (to be delivered 3 months to 1 year after the first seven sessions). In each session, youth and parents meet separately for the first hour to increase understanding and learn skills. During the second hour, they meet together in a family session to practice these skills. All session topics are based on risk and protective factors identified by relevant research with youth and families.

Competency TrainingThe early version of SFP 10-14 (the Iowa Strengthening Families Program) has been scientifically tested in a randomized, controlled study of 446 families through Project Family at the Institute for Social and Behavioral Research at ISU. Results of the multimethod, multi-informant longitudinal study have shown that the program is effective in reducing adolescent substance abuse and other problems, improving parent-child relationships, and building parenting skills. The program also has been successfully conducted in multiple community settings in the Midwest and in other areas. Although findings from studies with urban and ethnically diverse families are not yet available, the current version of the video-based curriculum is appropriate for diverse audiences and has been used in both urban and rural settings. Trainings may be scheduled at local sites by contacting Dr. Molgaard.

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Competency Training
The Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14
Juvenile Justice Bulletin August 2000