The Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention published Combating Violence and Delinquency: The National Juvenile Justice Action Plan in 1996. This report established eight objectives as the foundation for innovative and effective action by Federal, State, and local governments, in partnership with private sector organizations, to reduce juvenile violence and victimization. This Bulletin, the first in a series on the implementation of the Action Plan, summarizes the accomplishments of Council member agencies in meeting one of the Action Planís eight objectives and numerous related action steps.

ombating Violence and Delinquency: The National Juvenile Justice Action Plan (Action Plan) presented effective strategies to reduce juvenile violence, delinquency, and victimization and provided information about Federal training, technical assistance, grants, research, evaluation, and other resources. Each section of the Action Plan addressed one of eight objectives and outlined relevant research, programs that had been evaluated, and successful strategies for meeting that objective. The Action Plan also identified specific action steps that Federal agencies could take to work toward each objective.

This Bulletin focuses on objective 5: "Break the cycle of violence by addressing youth victimization, abuse, and neglect." Following the organization of the Action Plan, the first section presents recent data on juvenile victimization and compares it with data in the Action Plan; the second section discusses victimization trends; the third section discusses effective and promising strategies and programs; and the fourth section provides updated information on Federal programs since 1996.1


Addressing Youth Victimization OJJDP Action Plan Update • October 2001