DMC Technical Assistance Manual, 4th Edition

  • Full Manual

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Identification and Monitoring

  • Chapter 2: Assessment

  • Chapter 3: Preparation at the Local Level

  • Chapter 4: Intervention

  • Chapter 5: Evaluation

  • Chapter 6: Federal, State, and Local Partnerships To Reduce DMC

  • Chapter 7: Strategies for Serving Hispanic Youth

  • Chapter 8: The Role of State DMC Coordinators

    his online manual provides detailed guidance on DMC identification and monitoring, assessment, intervention, and evaluation. Its intended audience is Juvenile Justice Specialists, members of State Planning Agencies and State Advisory Groups, DMC researchers and consultants, and policymakers and practitioners involved in the juvenile justice system at the state and local levels.

    This manual incorporates lessons learned in DMC efforts over the years. It brings states and localities the latest information and tools for understanding and effectively addressing minority overrepresentation in the juvenile justice system. Electronic publication of the manual offers important benefits:

    • Wide distribution.
    • Hyperlinks for instant access to related materials.
    • Annual updates: new information, resources, and examples of effective DMC reduction strategies.

    Access to OJJDP's Web-Based DMC Data Entry System

    Use this manual with OJJDP's Web-based DMC Data Entry System. Contact your state Juvenile Justice Specialist if you need access to the system. For a listing of Juvenile Justice Specialists, go to the OJJDP home page ( and click on "State Contacts."

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