Scope of the Problem

According to OJJDP's National Juvenile Court Data Archive, the Nation's juvenile courts processed 1,757,600 delinquency cases (cases involving juveniles charged with criminal law violations) in 1996.2 Each case in this count represents one youth processed on a new referral during the calendar year. Although an individual youth may be involved in more than one case during the year, this figure can be used to estimate that as many as 6 percent of the Nation's school-age youth are processed through juvenile justice systems each school year. Juvenile offenders returning to school from out-of-home placement represent a relatively small percentage of this group of students, but managing and supporting system-involved juveniles, including those returning from out-of-home placement, are critical to the success of all students, the vast majority of whom have followed the rules and behaved as expected.

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From the Courthouse to the Schoolhouse: Making Successful Transitions Juvenile Justice Bulletin February 2000