Shay Bilchik, Administrator October 1999

School and Community Interventions To Prevent Serious and Violent Offending


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From the Administrator

Although youth who commit serious violent crimes are small in number, they account for a disproportionate amount of juvenile crime. How then can we best intervene with this difficult—even dangerous—population? A major study, funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and conducted by its Study Group on Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders, sheds new light on promising strategies to prevent and control serious violent juvenile offending.

The study concludes that timely comprehensive school- and community-based interventions hold the greatest potential for preventing such delinquency and finds that programs involving a juvenile's family, school, and community are most effective in minimizing factors that contribute to serious violent juvenile offending and maximizing those that prevent delinquency. A number of such interventions are described in this Bulletin.

I hope that school administrators and community leaders will be able to use the information that this Bulletin provides to help youth develop into law-abiding and productive citizens. Only by focusing on programs and strategies that work will we be able to succeed in preventing serious violent juvenile offending and ensuring public safety.

Shay Bilchik


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