Wraparound's Future
Wraparound Milwaukee: Aiding Youth With Mental Health Needs

The future of Wraparound Milwaukee as an effective approach to meeting the needs of youth with serious emotional, behavioral, and health issues in the juvenile justice or child welfare systems remains positive.

Milwaukee's community has adopted the model designed for early intervention services for abused and neglected children in the child welfare system. This model is being considered for youth coming out of State juvenile correctional facilities.

Nationally, several States and communities have incorporated aspects of the program into their own systems of care. The Center for Mental Health Services describes Wraparound Milwaukee as a most promising practice in children's mental health.

The initial results are encouraging. Wraparound Milwaukee offers an innovative and cost-effective approach and an alternative to punitive approaches to juvenile violence and delinquency.

Juvenile Justice - Youth With Mental Health Disorders:
Issues and Emerging Responses
April 2000,
Volume VII · Number 1