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OJJDP Programs and Training and Technical Assistance Resources

Gender-Specific Programming for Female Juvenile Offenders

Using an FY 1995 competitive OJJDP grant, Cook County, IL, has built a network of support for juvenile female offenders. The county has developed gender-specific assessments of needs, strengths, and risks for juvenile offenders; provided training in implementing gender-appropriate programming; and designed a pilot program with a community-based continuum of care and a unique case management system.

In FY 1998, OJJDP provided continuation funding to the Cook County gender-specific program and began funding the State of Connecticut to develop specialized programs for girls from prevention to detention. Connecticut's objectives and activities also include: (1) planning, implementing, and demonstrating a program that will develop a hierarchy of sanctions with specific emphasis on girls up to age 18 and (2) incorporating systemic changes. The Connecticut program focuses primarily on the needs of pregnant girls and adolescent mothers.

Technical assistance is provided to both Cook County and Connecticut by Greene, Peters, and Associates, OJJDP's gender-specific training and technical assistance grantee. The project is being implemented, in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, by the grantees, the Cook County Bureau of Public Safety and Judicial Coordination and Connecticut's Office of Alternative Sanctions. For more information, contact:

Rena Goldwasser, Court Planner
Office of Alternative Sanctions
2275 Silas Deane Highway
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
860-721-9474 (fax)
Mary Kehoe-Griffin, Chief Coordinator
Cook County Bureau of Public Safety and Judicial Coordination
69 West Washington Street
Suite 2630
Chicago, IL 60602

Gender-Specific Training and Technical Assistance

In 1996, OJJDP entered into a 3-year cooperative agreement with Greene, Peters, and Associates to stimulate, expand, and strengthen the development and implementation of gender-specific programming for at-risk female adolescents and female juvenile offenders. The goals of this project are to:

Bullet Identify program models or best practices.

Bullet Conduct a national needs assessment.

Bullet Develop a technical assistance package.

Bullet Adopt and enhance policies and practices in youth-serving agencies that reflect gender-specific programming.

Bullet Develop a curriculum for program line staff.

Bullet Develop a training-of-trainers curriculum.

Bullet Implement a national public education initiative focused on the need for this programming.

For more information, contact:

Sharon D. Peters Greene, Peters, and Associates 1018 16th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37208 615-327-0329 615-327-1422 (fax)

National Training and Technical Assistance Center

OJJDP's National Training and Technical Assistance Center announces the 1998-1999 Training and Technical Assistance Resource Catalog. The catalog includes 49 organizations that provide training and technical assistance under OJJDP grants and contracts. Updated on an annual basis, the catalog is a tool to further the collaboration and coordination of the efforts of these organizations.

The center seeks to make these organizations and other related resources more available to State and local agencies. To that end, the center will:

Bullet Conduct an ongoing assessment of the training and technical assistance needs of elected officials, practitioners, and citizen advocates.

Bullet Match capabilities of providers with the training and technical assistance needs of State and local communities and provide onsite and telephone technical assistance.

Bullet Prepare jurisdictional team training and technical assistance packages for use by States and local communities.

Bullet Develop resource briefs and other useful materials for OJJDP grantees and contractors, practitioners, and citizen advocates.

The center also operates a resource database and clearinghouse and assists in providing training and technical assistance to State and local agencies. To support these efforts, the center:

Bullet Collects and organizes OJJDP training and technical assistance resources and products.

Bullet Coordinates a training and technical assistance network of leading planners, practitioners, and scholars to assist State and local agencies.

Bullet Disseminates information and sponsors workshops, seminars, and conferences for elected officials, practitioners, and citizen advocates.

For more information on OJJDP training and technical assistance initiatives, to request a copy of the catalog, or for information on conferences and training, call the center at 800-830-4031.