In Brief

A New Look and a New Location    

OJJDP's Web site has a new look, a new location, and new information.

OJJDP Online

Visit, and tell us what you think; send feedback to

Sections of the new Web site include:

Bullet About OJJDP. Learn about OJJDP—how the agency is organized, what legislation authorized its formation, and how to contact staff members.

Bullet Juvenile Justice Facts and Figures. Get the latest facts and figures on juvenile justice, delinquency prevention, and violence and victimization.

Bullet Highlights. Discover the latest funding opportunities, new features of the Web site, and new sources of information.

Bullet Grants and Funding. Explore funding opportunities from OJJDP and other agencies.

Bullet Resources. Share and build on the experiences of individuals, agencies, and organizations in your community.

Bullet Programs. Learn about the design and implementation of OJJDP programs.

Bullet Publications. Access youth-focused publications and other resources.

Bullet Calendar of Events. Visit our calendar for upcoming OJJDP-sponsored and other youth-focused conferences.