Team Makeup
The Female Intervention Team

The FIT team includes 13 juvenile counselors/case managers and 1 juvenile counselor supervisor. Ten of the case managers have an average caseload of 35 girls, which is low when compared with the average caseload of boys—approximately 50 or more. Two of the case managers provide investigations and reports on all new adjudicated cases, and one case manager is responsible for the organization and facilitation of FIT groups and programs, which provide the girls with specialized services and supportive atmospheres. In addition to the role of case manager and probation officer, each team member is responsible for managing a group or providing the backup for another case manager leading a group. As a team member, each case manager is also responsible for planning and organizing a monthly group activity that may be community or office based. The different ages of team members—and the combination of male and female case managers—contribute to a balanced team. Girls have an opportunity to see relationships between men and women that are neither sexual nor abusive.

Case managers need special traits to succeed in supervising an all-girl caseload. They must:

Bullet Enjoy working with girls.

Bullet Be willing to "go the extra mile."

Bullet Have an open mind.

Bullet Be comfortable with their own sexuality.

Bullet Be nurturers.

Bullet Serve as role models.

Bullet Be able to focus on the positive aspects of a girl's life.

Bullet Provide a safe and supportive environment to assist in the healing process.