National Girls' Caucus

Since its grassroots beginning in 1993, the National Girls' Caucus has continued to thrive. The caucus is currently made up of a broad coalition of individuals from across the Nation. Membership is open to all individuals who are concerned about the welfare of girls and young women. More than 450 individuals and agencies are actively involved representing States from Florida to California. The mailing list has expanded to nearly 2,000 individuals.

A solid foundation has been built to achieve the mission of focusing national attention on the unique needs of girls and young women who are at risk or in the justice system. Much remains to be done. The caucus is committed to expanding its efforts by:

Bullet Developing a legislative agenda that specifically addresses policy and funding concerns for girls who are at risk or who are involved in the justice system.

Bullet Increasing public awareness efforts on the national, State, and local levels.

Bullet Providing technical assistance as it relates to gender-specific programming.

Bullet Increasing membership and collaboration efforts.

Bullet Sharing successful State and local program ideas and initiatives.

Bullet Hosting the third national conference—"Girls: Priority 1"—in the fall of 2000.

The challenge is clear. Caucus members must continue to translate their experience and commitment into action. Creating change requires action at the national, State, local, and individual levels. Through continued collaboration, the caucus will ensure that the voices of girls in the justice system are heard. The cost of failure is enormous. The futures of girls are at stake.