Appendix B: Abbreviated 1998 National Youth Gang Survey Form for the Comparative Sample

In the 1995, 1996, and 1997 National Youth Gang Surveys, your agency furnished information that contributed to a better understanding of the scope of youth gang problems in the United States. We ask you to update the data for 1998 by answering the questions on page 2.

Survey Instructions

1. Please report data for Calendar Year 1998 (January 1 through December 31).

2. For the purpose of this survey, a “youth gang” is defined as: a group of youths or young adults in your jurisdiction that you or other responsible persons in your agency or community are willing to identify or classify as a “gang.” Do not include motorcycle gangs, hate or ideology groups, prison gangs, or other exclusively adult gangs. Please base your responses on your records, your personal knowledge, and/or consultations with other agency personnel who are familiar with youth gangs.

3. Police departments should report only for their city/town.

4. Sheriff’s departments should report only for their unincorporated service area. Please exclude any contracted jurisdictions.

Please return the completed survey form by March 15, 1999, via fax or mail to:

National Youth Gang Center
Institute for Intergovernmental Research
Post Office Box 12729
Tallahassee, FL 32317–2729
Telephone Number: (800) 446–0912
Fax Number: (888) 323–7305
(This is a toll-free number.)

Agency Information

1. Name of Jurisdiction(s) Served (City, Town, or County): ______________

2. Law Enforcement Agency Name: _________________________________

Agency Mailing Address:

Street: _______________________________________________________

City: ____________ County: ___________ State: _____ Zip Code: ______

3. Name of Person Completing Survey:

First Name: _____________ MI: ____ Last Name: ___________________

4. Title/Rank: __________________________________________________

5. Unit or Section: ______________________________________________

6. Telephone Number, with Area Code: _____ –_____–_____

7. Fax Number, with Area Code: _____ –_____–_____

Survey Questions

1. During 1998, were any youth gangs active in the city, town, or county served by your agency?

Yes No Do not know

2. In your jurisdiction in 1998, on the basis of records or your best estimate, what was the number of:

Active Youth Gangs? ______     Do not know

Youth Gang Members? ______     Do not know


1998 Youth Gang Survey
OJJDP Summary
November 2000