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The following list highlights popular and recently published OJJDP documents and videotapes, grouped by topical areas.

The OJJDP Publications List (BC000115) offers a complete list of OJJDP publications and is also available online.

In addition, the OJJDP Fact Sheet Flier (LT000333) offers a complete list of OJJDP Fact Sheets and is available online. OJJDP also sponsors a teleconference initiative, and a flier (LT116) offers a complete list of videos available from these broadcasts.

Corrections and Detention

Beyond the Walls: Improving Conditions of Confinement for Youth in Custody. 1998, NCJ 164727 (116 pp.).

Disproportionate Minority Confinement: 1997 Update. 1998, NCJ 170606 (12 pp.).

Disproportionate Minority Confinement: Lessons Learned From Five States. 1998, NCJ 173420 (12 pp.).

Juvenile Arrests 1997.1999, NCJ 173938 (12 pp.).

Reintegration, Supervised Release, and Intensive Aftercare. 1999, NCJ 175715 (24 pp.).


Guide for Implementing the Balanced and Restorative Justice Model. 1998. NCJ 167887 (112 pp.).

Innovative Approaches to Juvenile Indigent Defense. 1998, NCJ 171151 (8 pp.). Juvenile Court Statistics 1997. 2000,
NCJ 180864 (120 pp.).

Offenders in Juvenile Court, 1997. 2000, NCJ 181204 (16 pp.).

RESTTA National Directory of Restitution and Community Service Programs. 1998, NCJ 166365 (500 pp.), $33.50.

Trying Juveniles as Adults in Criminal Court: An Analysis of State Transfer Provisions. 1998, NCJ 172836 (112 pp.).

Youth Courts: A National Movement Teleconference (Video). 1998, NCJ 171149 (120 min.), $17.

Delinquency Prevention

1998 Report to Congress: Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP). 1999, NCJ 173424 (65 pp.).

1998 Report to Congress: Title V Incentive Grants for Local Delinquency Prevention Programs. 1999, NCJ 176342 (58 pp.).

Combating Violence and Delinquency: The National Juvenile Justice Action Plan (Report). 1996, NCJ 157106 (200 pp.).

Combating Violence and Delinquency: The National Juvenile Justice Action Plan (Summary). 1996, NCJ 157105 (36 pp.).

Effective Family Strengthening Interventions. 1998, NCJ 171121 (16 pp.).

Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants Strategic Planning Guide. 1999, NCJ 172846 (62 pp.).

Parents Anonymous: Strengthening America’s Families. 1999, NCJ 171120 (12 pp.).

Prenatal and Early Childhood Nurse Home Visitation. 1998, NCJ 172875 (8 pp.).

Treatment Foster Care. 1999, NCJ 173421 (12 pp.).


1997 National Youth Gang Survey. 1999, NCJ 178891 (82 pp.).

Gang Members on the Move. 1998, NCJ 171153 (12 pp.).

Youth Gangs: An Overview. 1998, NCJ 167249 (20 pp.).

The Youth Gangs, Drugs, and Violence Connection. 1999, NCJ 171152 (12 pp.).

Youth Gangs in America Teleconference (Video). 1997, NCJ 164937 (120 min.), $17.

General Juvenile Justice

Comprehensive Juvenile Justice in State Legislatures Teleconference (Video). 1998, NCJ 169593 (120 min.), $17.

Guidelines for the Screening of Persons Working With Children, the Elderly, and Individuals With Disabilities in Need of Support. 1998, NCJ 167248 (52 pp.).

Juvenile Justice, Volume VII, Number 1. 2000, NCJ 178256 (40 pp.).

A Juvenile Justice System for the 21st Century. 1998, NCJ 169726 (8 pp.).

Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report. 1999, NCJ 178257 (232 pp.).

OJJDP Research: Making a Difference for Juveniles. 1999, NCJ 177602 (52 pp.).

Promising Strategies To Reduce Gun Violence. 1999, NCJ 173950 (253 pp.).

Sharing Information: A Guide to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Participation in Juvenile Justice Programs. 1997, NCJ 163705 (52 pp.).

Missing and Exploited Children

Portable Guides to Investigating Child Abuse (13-title series).

Protecting Children Online Teleconference (Video). 1998, NCJ 170023 (120 min.), $17.

When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide. 1998, NCJ 170022 (96 pp.).

Substance Abuse

The Coach’s Playbook Against Drugs. 1998, NCJ 173393 (20 pp.).

Drug Identification and Testing in the Juvenile Justice System. 1998, NCJ 167889 (92 pp.).

Preparing for the Drug Free Years. 1999, NCJ 173408 (12 pp.).

Violence and Victimization

Combating Fear and Restoring Safety in Schools. 1998, NCJ 167888 (16 pp.).

Guide for Implementing the Comprehensive Strategy for Serious, Violent, and Chronic Juvenile Offenders. 1995, NCJ 153681 (255 pp.).

Report to Congress on Juvenile Violence Research. 1999, NCJ 176976 (44 pp.) Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders. 1998, NCJ 170027 (8 pp.).

Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders: Risk Factors and Successful Interventions Teleconference (Video). 1998, NCJ 171286 (120 min.), $17.

State Legislative Responses to Violent Juvenile Crime: 1996–97 Update. 1998, NCJ 172835 (16 pp.).

White House Conference on School Safety: Causes and Prevention of Youth Violence Teleconference (Video). 1998, NCJ 173399 (240 min.), $17.

Youth in Action

Community Cleanup. 1999, NCJ 171690 (6 pp.).

Cross-Age Teaching. 1999, NCJ 171688 (8 pp.).

Make a Friend—Be a Peer Mentor. 1999, NCJ 171691 (8 pp.).

Plan A Special Event! 1999, NCJ 171689 (8 pp.).

Planning a Successful Crime Prevention Project. 1998, NCJ 170024 (28 pp.).

Stand Up and Start a School Crime Watch! 1998, NCJ 171123 (8 pp.)

Two Generations—Partners in Prevention. 1999, NCJ 171687 (8 pp.).

Wipe Out Vandalism and Graffiti. 1998, NCJ 171122 (8 pp.).

Youth Preventing Drug Abuse. 1998, NCJ 171124 (8 pp.).

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