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September/October 2006
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OJJDP is sponsoring a number of training events for law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals during November and December 2006. For details (including information on how to register), visit www.ojjdp.ncjrs.gov/events/EventList.asp.

OJJDP Regional Training Programs

Child Fatality Investigations. November 13–17, Jacksonville, FL. Provides law enforcement, child protective services workers, medical professionals, and other juvenile justice system professionals with comprehensive training on cases involving child abuse and neglect, including detection, intervention, investigation, and prosecution.

School Resource Officers. November 13–7, Jacksonville, FL. Demonstrates standards of excellence and best practices in the enhanced role of school resource officers as leaders in planning and maintaining a safe school environment.

Responding to Missing and Abducted Children. November 13–17, Jacksonville, FL, and December 4–8, Tucson, AR. Provides law enforcement investigators with the information needed to understand, recognize, investigate, and resolve cases involving missing and abducted children.

Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations. December 4–8, Tucson, AR. Provides law enforcement professionals with the information needed to understand, recognize, investigate, and resolve situations involving child sexual exploitation.

Enhancing Judicial Skills in Domestic Violence Cases: December 3–6, Santa Fe, NM

Presented by the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges and funded by OJJDP, this 3-day interactive workshop provides an essential foundation for new and experienced judges who handle criminal, civil, and family law cases involving domestic violence.

Youth for Justice Seminar for School Resource Officers and Community Police: December 11–13, Las Vegas, NV

This 3-day interactive seminar is designed for school resource officers and community police who work with youth, as well as teachers and school administrators. Participants will learn how to engage students in learning about issues related to law enforcement and public safety. The seminar, part of the OJJDP-funded Youth for Justice project, will be hosted by the Constitutional Rights Foundation and Street Law, Inc.

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