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September | October 2009

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Coordinating Council Launches Web Site To Help
Federal Staff Support CCIs
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The Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has established a new Web site, cciToolsforFeds.org, offering a wealth of tools and resources to help Federal staff plan, support, and help sustain comprehensive community initiatives (CCIs)—local community interventions that seek to improve outcomes for youth and families through systems change.

CCIs foster broad-based and multisector collaborations to improve the governance, policies, practices, and values of organizations and systems involved in promoting the health and well-being of youth. Examples of issues addressed by CCIs include readiness for school, high school graduation rates, the disproportionate representation of minority youth in the justice system, abuse and neglect, suicide, substance abuse, and delinquency and violence.

Although the emphasis on systems change is what sets a CCI apart from a conventional service-delivery program, it is also what makes a CCI challenging to plan and implement. Even when funding provides for the time to build collaborative relationships and structures, grantees, under pressure to meet the day-to-day client demands, understandably tend to divert energy and focus from the long-term, systems-change work to the immediacy of service delivery.

Comprehensive Community Initiatives Web site

The Coordinating Council's new Web site helps Federal staff align funding, management, evaluation, and technical assistance to maintain the focus on systems change in partnership with community organizations and agencies serving children, youth, and families.

The Web site includes the following resources:

Learn the Basics. Explains CCIs and systems change, offers advice about when it makes sense to develop a CCI, and maps the steps to plan the initiative and track its progress.

Plan, Manage, and Sustain Your CCI Project. Offers detailed guidance on forming Federal partnerships, planning site funding, developing and resourcing technical assistance to CCI project sites, and creating appropriate evaluations for CCI projects. This section features a Q&A format with comprehensive answers to key questions often asked by Federal staff.

How To. Provides information about how to develop and write solicitations, plan budgets, and select and orient CCI project sites. This section includes detailed checklists and links to sample work products.

Find Tools and Resources. Offers a "toolkit" (including training materials, case studies, templates and forms, and suggestions for further reading) for Federal staff and CCI sites. The tools assist with the full range of activities involved in planning and managing a CCI, including planning funding, developing a solicitation, creating a sustainability plan, writing agreements and contracts, developing Federal and community partnerships, structuring technical assistance, and designing an evaluation.

Every day, professionals involved with CCIs are learning more about what makes a CCI effective and how the Federal government can best support community change efforts. The goal of cciToolsforFeds.org is to serve as a living resource that reflects the most up-to-date knowledge in the field. The site will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.

Online Orientation Session
October 22: 3–4 p.m. ET

The Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention is pleased to invite you on a real-time online "tour" of cciToolsforFeds.org on October 22, 3–4 p.m. ET. You will learn how cciToolsForFeds.org can help you—

  • Decide what Federal partners you need to involve in your project.
  • Select a way to coordinate funding from multiple agencies.
  • Determine each partner's contribution to the project.
  • Choose a structure for governing, managing, and collaborating among agencies.
  • Plan for sustaining your partnership.
You will also learn how cciToolsforFeds.org can help you—
  • Write solicitations for CCI projects.
  • Plan budgets for CCI projects.
  • Select and orient CCI project sites.
  • Develop and fund systems for technical assistance to CCI project sites.
  • Create appropriate evaluations for CCI projects.
  • Adapt tools that others have found useful in developing CCI projects and supporting CCI project sites.
To register for the orientation session, please visit www.workforce3one.org/view/5000923057265411033/info.
For further information about the orientation session, contact ccitoolkitfeedback@juvenilecouncil.gov.

The Coordinating Council is planning additional orientation sessions. Possible topics include Structuring Technical Assistance and Evaluation.