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The Girls Study Group—Charting the Way to Delinquency Prevention for Girls (October 2008) provides an overview of the Girls Study Group research project, initial findings of the Study Group, and outlines the forthcoming bulletins that will be published based on the research.

Violence by Teenage Girls: Trends and Context (May 2008) describes recent trends in girls' offending and examines the settings in which girls commit crimes.

Resilient Girls—Factors That Protect Against Delinquency (January 2009) examines whether four factors—a caring adult, school connectedness, school success, and religiosity—can protect girls from delinquency.

Suitability of Assessment Instruments for Delinquent Girls (April 2010) determines whether current risk-assessment and treatment-focused instruments are appropriate for use with girls. It also provides guidance to practitioners on how to select instruments for use.

Causes and Correlates of Girls' Delinquency (April 2010) examines the personal, family, peer, school, and community factors that can lead to delinquency among girls.

Following are brief descriptions of upcoming bulletins in the GSG series:

Developmental Sequences of Girls' Delinquent Behavior investigates the different patterns of delinquent behaviors in which girls become involved and provides insight into the life pathways that lead to girls' delinquent behavior.

Girls' Delinquency Programs: An Evidence-Based Review examines girls' delinquency programs and determines whether they effectively intervene in delinquency trajectories.

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