In addition to the authors, the following current and former National Center for Juvenile Justice staff contributed to the work: Terrence A. Finnegan, Senior Computer Programmer; Rowen S. Poole, Computer Programmer; Charles Puzzanchera, Research Assistant; Anne Stahl, Research Associate; Nancy Tierney, Executive Assistant; and Jeffrey Butts, Senior Research Associate.

The work would not have been possible without the cooperation and efforts of the following individuals from the three sites studied: in Pennsylvania, James Anderson, Clay Yeager, John Lemmon, Paul Ward, and Linda Bender of the Juvenile Court Judges Commission and James Reiland of the Allegheny County Juvenile Court; in South Carolina, Trudie Trotti of the Department of Juvenile Justice; David Stagg, Diane Calloway, and Karen Goodale of the Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services; Al Hoy of the Office of Information Resources, State Budget and Control Board; Lorraine Fowler of the Department of Corrections; Roan Garcia-Quintana of the Joint Legislative Committee on Children; Harry Hopkins of the State Law Enforcement Division; and Jan Rivers Solomon of SS Research; and in Utah, Michael Phillips and Augie Lehman of the Administrative Office of the Courts.

In addition, the project benefited from the advice of Donna Bishop of the University of Central Florida and Joseph Moone, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Program Manager for the project. Production assistance was provided by staff of the Juvenile Justice Clearinghouse: Jennifer Cassou (cover design) and Nancy Walsh (editing and document quality control).

Juvenile Transfers to Criminal Court in the 1990's:
Lessons Learned From Four Studies
August 2000