clear How Can Publications Contribute to Crime Prevention?

Publications can educate, inform, and motivate. They can pass on skills, spread news, and promote ideas. They can cover any topic you choose, use a wide variety of formats, and reach individuals and areas you can't always reach personally. A flier, for example, can announce a crime prevention fair in your town. A poster can give a quick crime prevention tip by combining a short message with a powerful graphic. A brochure can help someone become streetwise. A book can guide a reader through the process of starting a mediation program in his or her school. Even though you can't be everywhere at once, your publication can be. Printed messages can be distributed at school assemblies, posted in grocery stores, or handed out at fairs and rallies. They can be found at the mall, in a doctor's office, in your home, or on the Internet.

Whatever your subject, whoever your audience, a printed publication's combination of information, attractive design, and appropriate illustrations is a powerful tool against crime.

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Youth in Action Bulletin April 2000   black   Number 16